CEOs are unanimous in one key message: Their company?s future depends on having people with the right skills. In addition to hiring, training is a top priority. However, according to Hans Amell, CEO of the Catalyst Acquisition Group, ?What CEOs don?t know is how training can make their organisation more agile, so that they are prepared for rapidly changing business conditions. CEOs should be asking their CFOs, ?Are we spending the right amount on our training? How much could we be saving on our training???
Ira Greenberg, a research analyst who works with Amell?s Minerva Group of learning companies in Sweden and the US, adds that, ?Most likely, company leaders don?t actually know the true total cost ? or the return on investment – of their company?s spending on training and related activities.? Greenberg goes on to explain that this is because training expense details are hidden in departmental budgets. In addition, while most training departments do keep a count the number of courses company employees take, they do not measure the effectiveness of those courses on job performance. Greenberg adds, ?CEOs don?t know for certain whether they are offering the right training, and how effective is the training they are offering.? This is the key to finding cost savings, while at the same time ensuring that training continuously makes their organisations more agile.
To help companies meet these challenges, Amell?s Minerva Group developed STA+R? – Systematic Training Audit & Recommendations ? a proprietary analytical audit tool for the evaluation and assessment of company training processes, systems, staffing, costs, delivery and effectiveness. STA+R? identifies specific recommendations to streamline and improve the training function, to reduce costs, generate savings and make corporate training more effective. Amell explains that STA+R? has been developed over the course of several years by corporate training experts employed by Minerva, and has been derived from established management consulting tools such as McKinsey?s Overhead Value Analysis and 7S methodologies.
Amell, a former McKinsey consultant, says that STA+R? helps CEOs and their training professionals justify the need to change (or not change) their training organization. ?We have successfully helped several major corporations and mid-sized companies eliminate training waste and inefficiencies, maximize available resources, adopt training best practices, and deliver expected results within budget and most importantly, align training with the CEO?s business goals.? In a few cases, the STA+R? audit revealed that the company?s best option was to outsource part or all of their existing training personnel and budget. ?In those situations,? says Amell, ?we can guarantee savings by selling back training services to the company under a long-term SLA sourcing agreement – enabling that company to instantly reduce headcount, realize significant savings on fixed overhead cost by replacing it with a lower variable cost, and to become more agile as business conditions change so rapidly ? all while retaining the knowledge and the talent of their learning professionals.?
Hans Amell, CEO, CAG Sweden AB, and the Minerva Group +46 (0)72 733 1258 [email protected]
Ira Greenberg, Consulting Analyst +46 (0)70 562 6301 [email protected]

About Minerva CLP
Minerva CLP develops effective training and learning solutions for professionals in international groups. In collaboration with customers, cost-effective training is carried out that provides lasting change which can be measured in the customer’s business results. The courses are regularly used by over 1200 000 people worldwide and courses have been translated into 25 languages. The company was founded in August 2000, right from the start it made the company to Scandinavia’s largest specialized e-learning company. The company is selected as the preferred supplier of e-learning for four out of five of the largest companies in Sweden. The company has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, New Delhi (India) and Sussex (NJ, USA). Learn more at: www.minervaclp.com00100Skicka som e-post
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