GATEKUNSTAKADEMIET: Performs at the Empowering Youth

GatekunstAkademiet (GKA) is a center of competence, which offers a range of activities, products and services to youths and those who work with youths.
GKA is music artists, moviemakers, artists and writers, scientists and educators, and innovators who have started viable companies, organizations, and projects. GKA will perform in the opening session 15 May at the Empowering Youth Conference.
GKA knows that everybody has something they are good at, something they are passionate about, something they like to do ? everything which make up their unique potential. This can be anything from driving a car to painting portraits, to getting involved in politics, or work as a farmer. In today?s society, there are many expectations as to what one should achieve in life. One should ?become something? and ?do good.? One should become accomplished and fit in on many arenas, such as in school, at home, among friends, and else in society. For many youths these expectations lead to stress and a feeling of not being good enough.
GKA has as a goal to arrange for young people to find their talents and resources, and through this they will be able to make their own decisions onward in life. GKA believes that each individual can be a resource for society as they are: Just as in a machine where each piece is unique, big or small, complicated or simple, but still just as important for the whole machine to work. GKA see the value and the necessity of diversity rather than its limitations.
GKA focuses on creativity and vocational learning, and builds on mentorship where professionals within different fields of expertise guide and mentors the youth. Many of the fields contain elements of music, dance and media. The purpose of this is not to make everybody into musicians or artists, but to give people the tools, abilities, and values which can be directly transferred into other parts of life. In everything we do, the youth have an active role in the planning and the execution of the activities. Our experience is that the method creates joy and enthusiasm, which leads to an ownership of the whole process.
GKA?s values are: Inspiration ? Creativity ? Diversity ? Empowerment

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