Reiulf Ramstad is Guest Speaker at the University of Stuttgart

Reiulf Ramstad visits the University of Stuttgart
tomorrow February 5th as a Guest Speaker at the 2013/2014
Schwarzbrotreihe lecture series, organised by the Architecture Student Union
(FAUS) of the University of Stuttgart.
Looking forward to talk abour our work also in Germany!
RRA transcends the scope of a purely architectural practice by engaging professionally in the fields of landscaping, interior- and furniture design. The practice represents a composite body of expertise, centred on architecture but with disciplinary extensions that make the conceptual scope wider and the range of possible commissions greater.
This principle is projected further by RRA?s strong belief in drawing on external input from various fields of expertise in the approach to every new project. The goal is to conjugate innovation and research with a professional completeness able to respond to complex programs at any scale, employing, when needed, a well-established network of specialized consultants.

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