S? säger engelsmännen om talpennan EXAM PEN som läser upp text – utan dator

EXAM PEN gjordes först som hjälpmedel för dyslektiker i England.
När vi p? XnX Data AB fick höra talas om responsen i England beslutade vi att ta fram en motsvarande penna anpassad för Sverige.
Skillnaden mellan England och Sverige är, att i Sverige börjar vi tidigt att lära oss tv? spr?k, svenska och engelska.
Det blev därför naturligt att ge den svenska marknaden möjligheter att f? b?de svensk och engelsk text uppläst direkt i pennan – utan dator.
V?r förhoppning är att vi ska f? samma respons som man f?tt i England.
Se n?gra uttalanden nedan fr?n engelska kunder:
L Hemsley – Exams Officer,
Bishop Luffa School
?Our Year 10s love them. It is so much easier for them to use and they don?t feel intimidated by having a reader next to them who is usuallly, someone they are not familiar with.?
S Lancaster – Head of Learning
Development, Queen Ethelburga?s
?Absolutely invaluable – not just for academic achievement but for self-esteem.?
Blundell?s School
K. Corbin – Senco
?For our students it’s been very good for those individual words that have just been completely impossible for them to decode. One of them particularly said in her English language exam it was an absolute lifesaver, because there were words in there that she never would have been able to tackle and she would’ve missed quite a lot of the meaning in the text that she was required to read.?
?We?ve learnt you need to get the angle right and then repeat it over and over until it becomes second nature. We looked at different types of font. We looked at different sizes of font. We got some old exam papers out and helped them to scan the text. Then, they felt confident enough to take it into the exam with them.?
?Also I think the Exam Pen gives us the option to give students support further down the school in a relatively cost effective manner whereas up until this year, we haven?t been able to provide any kind of exam support below year 10.?
?We haven?t used the Exam Pens with any of our English as a second language students yet but it might be something we look at in the future.?

Luckley House School
S Hills – Senco
?We introduced it to them, they took it away for the weekend and they had a play with it. They taught themselves how to use it and found it so easy! One girl was left handed so it was a real bonus the Exam Pen could work for both left and right handed people?.
?It certainly improves their self-confidence going into exams, as well as particiating in lessons like History and English where there is a lot of text. As opposed to having to ask the person next to them or asking the teacher, they could just sit there and run the Exam Pen over the word or phrase. This means they don?t have to stand out from their peer group as needing support The A level student predominantly used the Exam Pen in Maths and Business Studies, the GCSE student mainly used it in History and English.?
?They felt supported by having it and the fact that it?s the latest technology also went down well with them. It helps them to relax more and reduces anxiety, which then allows them to perform better. As students move higher up the school, the language gets more complex. That was really sort of obvious in the Math?s A level, where some of the key words were quite tricky. Having heard them during the lessons and now through the Exam Pen, she found it easier to answer a lot more of those questions.?

Pennan kommer att lanseras under Dyslexidagarna i Malmö 24-25 oktober.
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