Time for students to make impact, not coffee

Talented Scandinavian students still rely on old-fashioned job boards, web search and knowing someone by chance to hopefully find relevant internships. Companies are still stuck with a pile of one-dimensional CV’s to make their decisions on. Recruitment is broken.
“Why is finding great internships so hard when it could be so easy?” says Anita Schj?ll Brede, CEO of recruitment startup InternX.
Leading the right students to the right opportunities
While other industries, such as dating, streaming, and shopping, have seen major technological disruptions no significant improvements have happened in the recruiting industry despite its high importance. What’s been missing is a way to use the rapidly evolving technological improvements to help the students and the right companies find each other.
“We keep hearing from students that it’s hard to know where to find the best opportunity, and companies say they’re not getting enough of the very best applicants,” says Anita. She adds: “And this is despite plenty of companies offering valuable experiences and thousands of smart, driven and engaged students in Scandinavia looking for exciting opportunities to kickstart their careers.”
Where are the exceptional internships?
And it’s not only about finding the right match it’s also about ensuring high-quality internships. Students should not be stuck with unsatisfying, unpaid internships and serve as cheap or free substitutes for full-time employees.
Based on extensive research, the team at InternX has handpicked a list of the World’s Greatest Internships – criteria include doing impactful work and being paid for it. So far, more than 2,000 internships have been manually assessed by the team to ensure high quality.
Personalized matchmaking
Through automated matchmaking the students are given their own personal top list of opportunities. The matchmaking relies not only on Education and Experience, but also on Strengths and Preferences & Goals. This lets the students explore the greatest internships that fit their profile. And applying to companies they specifically match with will drastically improve their chances of scoring that dream experience.
The point is to make it exciting to explore and find internships instead of the dreadful, confusing and time-consuming process that many students have to go through today.

Industry professionals paving the way
Behind InternX is an experienced group of entrepreneurs from the talent recruitment industry and beyond, located across Scandinavia (Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen) and in California.
?We know how much our internships accelerated our own careers so we want others to have the same great experience. It?s about paying it forward and really making students realize the fantastic opportunities they can get – and avoid the bad ones? says Anita. ?Interns shouldn?t make coffee, they should do impactful, meaningful work.”
InternX is gearing up for a limited Scandinavian beta launch in September. A steady expansion is planned going forward. The team has global ambitions as the recruitment industry has been slow to utilize technological advancements. With this, InternX is taking the first of many steps to disrupt recruitment and create a more equal personality- and potential-based recruitment process.

InternX of uLabs Ventures connects the right Talent with the right Opportunity to unleash the potential of them both. Looking beyond grades, focusing on goals, scientific strength assessments and crowd intelligence, they aim at bringing the Talent industry up to speed with industries such as online dating and retail. For more information and press inquiries, contact Anita Schj?ll Brede [email protected] or visit intern-x.com
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